aug 16, 2023

Welcome to our Family Ministry at Divi Plus Church, where we celebrate the beauty of family bonds and provide a nurturing environment for growth. With a deep commitment to fostering strong relationships and offering valuable resources, our Family Ministry serves as a support system for individuals of all ages. Through engaging events, workshops, and gatherings, we aim to strengthen family connections, empower parents, and equip children with essential life values. Join us as we embrace the journey of family life with open hearts, creating a space where every member can thrive, learn, and find solace in the warmth of our community.

At Divi Plus Church’s Family Ministry, we believe that family is a cornerstone of faith and love. Our programs cater to different life stages, addressing the unique needs of parents, couples, and children. From parenting workshops to family outings, we provide opportunities for learning, bonding, and making lasting memories together. As we celebrate the joys and navigate the challenges of family life, our ministry strives to create a foundation of support and spiritual growth. Embrace the enriching experience of family within our close-knit community.